G.B. Smith

Title: Cascadia

About the Photo:

CASCADIA is a series of images Inspired by one of the world’s longest and most dramatic fjord coastlines in the world, the Pacific Northwest of the USA. The evocative name Cascadia comes from the Latin word to cascade, which describes the landscape perfectly. The spectacular and lush tree covered mountains seemingly do tumble into the sea, creating large stacks of rocks all scattered along the rugged coastal peninsulas. Against the dramatic backdrop of these forms, the elements of storming seas and rolling dense fogs often envelop the landscape to create a truly mystical feel to the whole coastline. This environment accentuates the essential forms of the coastlines, stripped of distracting elements.

I have long wanted to be able to explore and experience this diverse environment firsthand, and from my perspective it certainly lives up to its reputation as one of the most dramatic and diverse ecological landscapes in the USA.

The vastness and diversity provide ample opportunity to experience “the road less travelled” and to seek out the discovery of more remote and different perspectives.

The nature of the climate and light further provides for ever changing vistas, but also requires considerable patience as often impenetrable sea mists and rains will completely engulf views for elongated periods of time. However, the eventual glimpses and reveals are sometimes so magical with the ever-changing light that they are well worth the perseverance. However, the privilege of just being out there and experiencing this natural beauty is more than ample reward for any required endeavor.

In some sense the scale and vastness of these rugged vistas can be overwhelming. But when you follow the raw visual lines of the scene, the real underlying beauty is evident in the simplicity of the flows and forms interacting with the elements. This is what I have tried to capture and distill down and present in the images in this collection – I hope they resonate with you as much as I enjoyed creating them.