Jan Prengel

Title: In Search Of The Present

About the Photo:

The series “In Search Of The Present” deals with the concepts of the moment and the present. For most people, the terms suggest the existence of a moment that is clearly separated from the past and the future. But physically the “now” is just an illusion. Everything in the universe is in constant motion and the past, present and future are flowing into each other.

Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that the human brain also perceives sensory impressions in time intervals and processes them into units of around 2-3 seconds. Humans then perceive this period of time as the present.

“In Search Of The Present” consists of photographs, each with an exposure time of 2-3 seconds. It plays with this “subjective present”. During this period of time, the floral motifs were moved variously and the results seem to be like dance choreographies. Photographs, which often serve as snapshots to capture a still image of the present, blur into dynamically moving images. The flow of the moment is visualized as well as what changes in position and release of energy are possible within the “subjective present” of the human.