Jan Prengel

Title: Metamorphosis

About the Photo:

“Metamorphosis” deals with the limits of matter – how it dissolves, and what different forms and changes of existence are possible. Is there a kind of materiality in the universe that cannot be perceived with our senses and the technical ways known to us? Is there a process of separation of body and soul after a living being dies? Where would this energy be after such a process?

The photographed objects are withered parts of plants that usually appear lifeless. But by changing their shape, they have gained a whole new aesthetic and shine in the warm light like blazing flames. Energy seems to detach from the matter and transmit itself into space.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus, who established the basic principle of the cosmos “Panta rhei” (“everything flows”), described “being” as not static but as eternal change. He created a sensitivity for the processuality of the world, in which components and form can change but “being” is nevertheless preserved.