Robert Claus

Title: Still-Life Studies & Compositions

About the Photo:

A selection of color photographs that forms part of a larger, multi-year project, these images focus on minimalist compositions built from objects found around the house. They were all shot by the same window, and rely on daylight that has been shaped by curtains, scrims, and flags.

The series began during lockdown, which grew into a period of deep introspection for me. Still life as a genre invites both viewers and makers to decelerate; creating such a photograph—designing a composition, building a set, shaping the light—is a time-consuming, meditative process, that helped me navigate that difficult time. Sharing that experience with the audience is what these shots are all about.

I find simplicity in art especially appealing, because it leaves room for us within the frame. A multitude of forms, colors, and textures competing for attention can make for a restless experience, whereas a composition pared down to a single object creates a sense of calm contemplation. In times of stress and crisis, I find this to be particularly valuable.