Jerad Armijo

Title: Land of Sin-esthesia

About the Photo:

I drink the elixir of melodie’s

Colors fill my lungs, my heart, my mind, my body, and soul

Letting the enigma of spectrums lift my wings higher and higher

Illuminating my eyes full of boundless tonalities

Until I start to fall, dive, and sink back into the blank canvas

Unleashing my rainbows left and right

Raining down my secret hues onto the gradient filled wonder land of sin-esthesia

The land of my third eye

A piece dedicated to my third eye. I’m thankful for my synesthesia, and I’m learning to embrace it more. This piece is a tipping point into a new art direction for me, a utilization of multiple musicians to achieve new colors with vibrant gradients throughout.

This photograph depicts how sinfully beautiful my synesthesia is, and I’m giving you a taste of it.