Allen Koppe

Title: Dancing Ghosts

About the Photo:

“Dancing Ghosts” is a series of photo-montages which explores the breathtaking graceful beauty of the Australian ghost gums set within the vast, awe-inspiring, ethereal Australian landscape.

In this series I have created a minimal aesthetic in order to convey the emotions of wonder and awe which I experience while exploring the Australian landscape. I have incorporated a sense of time, space, light, shade and an endless sky, into these pictures as they echo the sensory experience of being connected to something larger than oneself.

The presence of birds instills a sense of myth and symbolise life and freedom and helps create a perception of energy and hope to the pictures.

To best represent the open, unending beauty of the Australian landscape I chose a panoramic format as it allows for a wider field of view. This format accentuates the graphic nature of the intersecting horizontal and vertical lines, curves and shapes resulting in a geometric composition that conveys a sense of balance within the images.

To construct these photo-montages I take hundreds of different photographs, only ever starting with a residual idea of what the final image will look like. Then it is a process of finding form by moving things around, trying one thing with another, experimentation, failure and discovery that leads to the images finale. I like the discomfort of this process, reverting to intuition and a place where things seem to unfold rather that the certainty of working on a singular capture.