Martin Annand –  Ashored

About the collection: This collection of images from the coast of the UK and further afield are born from the love of long exposure photography and the coast.
As a child a trip to the seaside was always an exciting prospect, an event, an adventure. These feelings still stir now when I head to the coast with my camera. The anticipation of what’s to come. Trying to find interesting subjects before time and tide swallows them up forever.
Not always having the time I’d like to devote to my photography I have tried to create a more timeless feel to my images. Stripping back to basics often leaves only a main subject discarding any clues or leaving only hints on time and location. I’ve never wanted to document what I’ve seen only to create my version of it. I use colour as opposed to monochrome as I find colour more of a challenge but I try to keep colours subtle and limit the colour palette.
I see myself as far from a finished article as a photographer. I hope that what I have learned so far goes to producing some aesthetically pleasing images that others enjoy as much as I enjoy creating.