Alessandro Tagliapietra

Title: Laguna Nord

About the Photo:

The project was born just over a year ago but is nothing more than a confirmation of the photographic style that I feel more mine, made of minimalism, long exposures but above all environment that surrounds me.
I love the lagoon and especially the feeling of peace that I get when I am immersed in its silence and simple colors.
I move between the shallows and the canals with my equipment in search of what I like, but also with the spirit of immortalizing forever that landscape that inexorably changes.
We spend every day in front of objects or buildings to which we do not give any importance, perhaps we limit ourselves to see them out of the corner of the eye, but they are still part of the passage of man on earth.
They are a sign that however with the time it deteriorates and therefore disappears returning nothing.
Here a \”briccola\” or a tidal measuring station can become something beautiful, remaining trace in the memory of those who look at them.
The fog and the shots made with times sometimes very long allow to isolate the subject in a perfect way, estranging it from the context and making it a work of art, at least this is what I try to convey.