Emmanuelle Becker

Title: Inscapes

About the Photo:

These images have been carefully chosen from a broader collection known as INscapes. Within this portfolio, I utilize rocks, shells, and fossils as profound metaphors, embodying memory and our inherent connection to the past.
Certain events possess the extraordinary power to awaken dormant memories, much like the process of unearthing long-buried fossils. As these memories resurface, they offer profound insights into our personal histories and continue to shape our present realities.
Like the stratified layers of our memory, rocks and fossils symbolize distinct periods of time and pivotal moments from our lives. They can be unearthed or rediscovered, just as we excavate the depths of our consciousness to uncover forgotten recollections. Moreover, both rocks and memories bear imperfections and incompleteness. Details can fade over time, and memories may fragment, reminding us of the fallibility of our recollections.
Our memories, akin to layers of personal history, act as windows into the experiences, relationships, and milestones that have profoundly influenced us. Each memory we hold adds yet another intricate layer to the complex tapestry of our individual narratives, shaping who we are and how we perceive the world.