Gianfranco Merati

Title: Micro Mountains and Lakes.

About the Photo:

Since its invention in the 60s by NASA, magnetic fluid — originally intended for rocket fuel — has gone to impact applications in a wide range of industries from electronics to construction.

For me this material represents a never ending source of creative ideas. It can be shaped, coloured and lit in so many ways.

In this project I explore the hydrophobicity of magnetic fluid and I use the micro peaks and valleys that form in it when magnetically charged, to create micro “lakes and rivers” with water-based colours. The results are otherworldly creations that might make us wonder whether they are real things that actually exist or whether they are an illusion. The answer is that they are real indeed.

In life, like in art, reality is a relative concept and the perception of it varies depending on who and when interprets it. This project, ultimately, highlights that very concept.