Paul Lichte

Title: Colorado River Delta

About the Photo:

During incoming and outgoing tide, ocean salt water enters the sandy river delta leaving behind small canyons on its way back to the ocean. Due to the hot and dry climate around the river delta, the salt water evaporates and leaves a white salty crust around the canyons which can creates treelike patterns. The color of the water in this area can reach from brown over green to turquoise. While the water coming from the Colorado River gains it brownish color from sediments in the water, the ocean water is clear and turquoise. In some parts where the ocean water doesn’t flow back to the ocean completely, algea are colouring the remaining water in green hues. To get an idea for the size of this area you can look for the small straight lines in the pictures. These are tire tracks from off-road vehicles which drove over the salty ground. These pictures were taken from a small aircraft at an altitude of 500-1000 meters.