Leng UNG

Title: Corridors of Light, Metaphor of life

About the Photo:

« Corridors of Light, metaphor of life » is a play, characterizing the life.
The shadows define the span of an act that tells about an event of life where the actor enters and exits the stage – as a relationship that starts and then ends. …The shadows intend to emphasize the individuals, while the vertical frame portrays the scene of the act – an american big city.
The lifespan of a relationship has different lengths as the width of these light corridors in the pictures.
The negative spaces are representing as well the immuable past and the unknown and unpredictable future.

The series is applicable to everyone but I truly think it is a reflection of my own story, an expression conscious of my unconscious fears… I don’t have any memories of my past in Cambodia and what my parents lived and suffered – during the Cambodian genocide – is not totally clear to me…and also the future, as an expatriate, is totally uncertain, with really short term vision…where will I live in months? In years? These persons passing through these corridors could be a representation of my own friends, people I met in a place who will inevitably lost in the dark in the future.