Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, Photomanipulation Category Winners

Photomanipulation Photographer Of The Year 

1st place winner 

George Byrne

Title: Yellow Stairs

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2nd Place Winner

Marc Koegel

Title: Metropolis in Flux

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3rd Place Winner

Jorg Karg

Title: Photographic Collages

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Minimalist Photography Awards 2020, Photomanipulation Category Honorable Mentions

Graeme Gordon

Title: Opera House

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Kaushik Dolui

Title: Amalgamation

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Takeo Hirose

Title: Yin-yang

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Luis Alonso Jimenez Silva

Title: To Infinity

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Mohammad Yousefi Manesh

Title: Eternal home

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Marcus Cederberg

Title: Maximal Minimal

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Kathrin Federer

Title: The Illuminated Sheep

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Marco Maljaars

Title: Missing Tatooine guys?

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John Crowley

Title: Fishing Sticks

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Paria Habibi Rad

Title: Manipulation

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Melanie Haberkorn

Title: Drowning

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